CannonDesign has created a sponsorship structure that offers a wide range of opportunities to support the good work that EAW consistently promotes.


For architecture and design product representatives, this approach allows you to control the investment and exposure you will have over the course of the week. During EAW, sponsors will have the opportunity to expose their brand and commitment to sustainability to a large group of design and real estate professionals. For all sponsorship levels, vendor logos will be incorporated into EAW promotional material, including all print, email, and website communications before, during, and after the event.


Why Should You Support EAW?


• Weeklong opportunity to interface with a broad spectrum of CannonDesign leadership and staff (architects, engineers, interior designers)


• Visibility of your products in our offices throughout the week


• Exposure to clients who attend EAW presentations and seminars


• Support for CannonDesign’s mission and a chance to build relationships with our staff


How Can You Support EAW?


Our sponsorship structure allows vendors to participate at different levels. Discounts are available for multi-office participation.


Sponsorship Recognition Levels


Due to the nature of our firm-wide, multi-office event, sponsors are recognized based on their level of involvement rather than based on which individual activities they select.


Level 5: $4000+; Level 4: $2000-3999; Level 3: $1000-1999; Level 2: $501-999; Level 1: $0-500


To encourage manufacturers to learn about and register with Mindful Materials we have lowered the sponsorship rates by 20% for those who are signed
up with the this important material transparency program.

Event Rates and Multi-Office Sponsorship Discounts
Sponsor Opportunity Sponsorship Benefits
1 Office
2-3 Offices
4+ Offices
Local Day Sponsorship Sponsorship of EAW Local Day (Monday or Friday) in a CannonDesign office.
EAW Product Display Weeklong, unmanned product display in a CannonDesign office.
EAW Tradeshow Participation in a sustainability-focused tradeshow in a CannonDesign office. Vendors present products and interact with CannonDesign architects, engineers, and interior designers. Tradeshow times vary by office, typically lasting 1-3 hours. At offices not hosting a formal tradeshow, opportunity is available at a reduced cost ($500) to present products before and after keynote address on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (Baltimore, Phoenix, San Francisco, Vancouver).
Combined EAW Product Display & Tradeshow Weeklong product display in one of our offices and one-day participation in EAW Tradeshow.
*Pricing lists the cost of sponsoring one office as part of a multiple offices sponsorship. Events vary by office. Please contact your local CannonDesign representative for details.

**No cost associated or available.

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